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firstly, my vet said that too. I guess they see the cases where a pet gets walked too early and becomes very sick with something like parvo. so I held off until about 11 weeks at which point my pup was bored with our already interesting back yard and toys and everything around the house. so I walked him and just made sure he avoided dogs. I let people say hi and pet him if they wanted, and I liked that he could see dogs to help expand his world but I would never let him touch them. about 2 weeks ago we were walking regularly and I let friendly dogs touch noses and he's been fine. so I risked it, and things worked out fine. so it's your call but it IS undeniably a risk, you can reduce that risk by not letting her lick or small poop or physically interact with other dogs or people who are walking dogs. so if stuff works out, you'll be happy you risked it. but if she becomes deathly ill you'll curse the decision. choices choices! at this point I can't imagine having kept him on our property, he would still have 2 weeks to go.

you can also take your dog to puppy classes where all the pups are on the same level of immunity and # of vaccines they've had.

dunno about food but my guy is on 1lb of raw a day and as much nutrisource grain free chicken he can eat. the nutrisource was recommended by my breeder and looks good, has a probiotic in it and everything.

and your dog looks amaing beautiful face, pink tongue, and touching ears!

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