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What's going on?

Sorry if this is the wrong section to post but I posted before that my vet told me, I'll be able to walk this beauty at 4 months What's going on?-imageuploadedbypg-free1395973699.075153.jpg

I think everyone on this forum told me to go change my vet cause of current one was a "terrible vet" I changed my vet . She also said 4 months. I thought ok maybe she isn't a good vet either lemme go ask anther one . 3rd one said 4 months ... Hmm is it a coincidence that all 3 are bad vets ... ITS POSSIBLE ! Went to a 4th vet ... Can you believe he said 4 months ?! What's going on ? I thought maybe just maybe i need to go to a top vet to get accurate information. So I did... I'm not even going to say what the vet I think you guys understand . My first question is why was everyone calling my first vet crazy? Is it's New York thing Maybe? My next question involves my puppy food I am currently feeding her scientific diet. I did some research and yeah most reviews aren't that good but every vet recommended that also . Like I'm just confuse . Should I feed it to her cause my vet said or am I making the wrong decision maybe ? Last question .. How awesome does my puppy look

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