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Switching to raw - question about upcoming spay

I've been giving Jedda a fair amount of RMB's, tripe, chicken/turkey necks and wings since she was a puppy (she's now 15 months old), but I was primarily feeding kibble (Fromm's LBP, then Merrick's grain free) and canned. For the last couple months, I've been feeding about 1/3 Honest Kitchen (dehydrated) 1/3 canned and kibble, and 1/3 raw. She's underweight, so I still feed her 3x a day. I decided to finally go with all raw, and over the last 2 weeks she's had only raw and Honest Kitchen. I am just finishing the boxes of HK, then we'll be all raw.

Anyway, she's been a shedding monster, but it was just undercoat, so I didn't think anything of it. Tonight I noticed a big patch of top coat that looks pretty thin - the skin underneath is fine, and she's not itchy, so after reading other posts, I'm gonna assume that's just the "detox". (Not sure if that's applicable when she's been on high quality food though?)

Ok, finally, my question: she's scheduled for her spay/gastropexy on April 4, and in addition to being a nervous nelly about her having to go under the knife, I just wonder if I'm putting her at any risk by switching her to all raw. Other than the patch of hair loss, she's had normal poo (still bigger and softer that I imagine it will be when we get off the HK), great appetite and energy - no negative effects that I can see. The hair loss worried me a little, and since she's always been underweight, I just don't want to mess with her system before surgery. I don't think another switch would be a good idea though either. Ack. Please advise! Thanks
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