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Engagement/distractions training (video)

After our two mile run today I decided to make a video of my 11 month pup and I just playing around distractions. It was the first nice day in a while so luckily there were people out walking. I would love some criticism of anything you see. I was working on focus and engagement around distractions and sacrificed some accuracy.

If there is one piece of advice for anyone is to work on engagement. Training your dog to do 10 different commands in the house is great but if you open the door and he runs outside and ignores you then what good is it? The dog thinks I am the most fun thing in the world. I don't happily squel for him to bring the ball back. I don't yell at him to do it either. He does it because he wants to continue playing and he knows I am the thing that makes the toy come alive. He doesn't care if it's a ball or a tug. I could take my shoe off and throw it. He just wants whatever is in my hand.

Having a dog that is engaged with you makes life easy and training fun. Having a dog that blows you off and would rather sniff grass makes life frustrating and training even more frustrating.

Btw my pup is in the prime "butt head teenage" age yet he listens the moment when told. Weird huh?
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