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Get a flirtpole and tap into the prey drive. Some dogs are inhibited to tug if they are close to the person, but a flirtpole will provide enough distance...and the movement is more enticing. Once that is achieved, make sure you let the dog win when s/he catches it, let him prance around and then bring the toy up to you thru the line, and give some tug movements. If the dog lets go, you won and put it up for the next session. If the dog hangs on, tug a bit and let the dog win. May take a few sessions for the lightbulb to go off. End the session while the dog still wants more. Short and sweet.
After the dog will tug with you, go to a different toy, two handle tug or ball on string and make him work for it, tease him up and once he wins, make him work to hold onto it. I have one dog that won't tug with me, but she'll tug with the other dogs. Odd because she is the less biddable/and most dominant dog of my three. I've never played a good game of tug with her, she defers to me immediately.
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