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Originally Posted by AnaleighK12k14 View Post
Yes sorry I left that part out. He is absolutely never out of my sight. I do say no when I catch him in the act but he just looks at me like "what?"

And he does get rewarded greatly for potty outside and I also do say "go potty" when I take him out.

So basically I'm doing everything all the books say, just hoping he just needs more time.

The only other thing maybe I should try is keeping him on a leash until he becomes more reliable?

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That was going to be my next suggestion, keep him leashed to you. I would also be sure to say "no!" and pick him up and take him outside.. Does he know "no" with other things?

And he is only 11 weeks. Some will say theirs was trained at that age and others have had theirs take longer. It might just be a patience game.. and consistency with what you are doing. My female mastiff took much longer to potty train. It just took longer for her to grasp the concept.


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