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Potty training trouble?

My puppy is eleven weeks old. I'm not feeling like his potty training has made any progress. If anything I feel like he's regressed today.

I've been takin him out at least every hour and whenever he goes to the door. He started going to the door about 1 week in which I think is pretty good. However, there are times that he is peeing in the house what seems like every 15 minutes with very little warning. I've tried just cleaning it up quietly without making any fuss.

He always goes when I take him to the designated spot in the yard, but he also seems to have created his own designated spot in the kitchen. So I found that I was able to stop his accidents by taking him out whenever he goes to that area before he pees.

Since I started that, now he seems to be peeing anywhere in the house today.

I've also decided that I'm going to start just yelling no if I catch him in the act. He really seems to just think it's perfectly acceptable to pee in the house.

My other dog seemed to potty train faster but she was a couple weeks older.

Is there anything else I can try? Or do I just need to be patient and give him more time to understand since it's only been two weeks?

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