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Unhappy Damaged Ear

My puppy is just 16 weeks old. About ten days ago he was bitten on the ear by my older GSD, and I believe that's what caused one of his ears to go down. He had his vet appointment for shots last Monday and the vet said his ear is not going to come back up.

The ear doesn't look bad, just has a crease where the ear bends, and I was honestly surprised that the vet said, nope, not coming back. And it's quite low on the ear, giving him a really lopsided look. You know what I mean.

Anyway, my question is, will taping/gluing some kind of support fix an ear like this over time, or are those methods only for "weak" ears that need some support while the ear strengthens, and not for ears that sustained trauma.

If anyone thinks support will gradually heal the cartilage, is there a best method? Or is my vet right?

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