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15 year old Border collie GSD mix

Our eldest pup may be nearing the end. She lost most of her sight and hearing last year and couple weeks ago we believe she tore some tendons in her right rear knee. We took her to the vet and they believe she did as well. The Vet and my family both agree she would probably not live long enough to get through the rehab of surgury. At her age the recovery time would be around 3 months just for the scar and tissue to rebuild and she would probably need physical therapy for months after that. I did the quality of life chart on here and I would say she scores above the 35. Mentaly she is still with it. I tought her motion commands last year when her hearing was going. She still obeys them when she can see them (well lit room, extra motions ect...) She gets around when she has to but both rear legs have been weak for years and the other has a hard time supporting her weight. Stairs are out of course and she can still go potty solo. We are struggling with how long to let her lay around.

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