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Originally Posted by Courtney View Post
Try to get the poop picked up so he doesn't even have the opportunity to get to it. Are you putting tobacco sauce on his poop in the yard? That alone should help alot.

While my boy had firm poop when he was fed kibble when I switched to raw his poop was smaller and he really only poops once a day. Not sure if raw is an option for you.
We pick up the poop immediately else he'll lick at it. But it means that you basically have to be right next to him when he's pooping - which is fine when we're at home. I'm just worried that eventually we'll need to scale down the dog walker to once per day and then he may poop in his pen and eat it.

Yes, I poured tabasco sauce ALL over his poop in the yard and he went crazy, licking the tabasco sauce. I then picked the poop up but he continued to lick the remains of the tobasco for 2 more days (it had absorbed into the snow).

Raw would probably be an ok option for us (have extra fridge/freezer) but we do both travel a lot, for business and otherwise and the dog will stay with either my parents or my in-laws during those times. They both have dogs and love Hans. I just don't think it's realistic to expect them to feed raw then, especially my MIL who won't even come near wet food as she finds it disgusting to look at/smell. So I wouldn't want to leave for 4 days or a week or 10 days at a time and then have to all of a sudden change his diet.
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