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Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
What kind of a person gives up a 14 year old dog??
I always like to think there are two sides to most every situation being the most obvious and the other side which might not be as obvious. Yes, most folks with a knee jerk reaction would comment such as you did but if we do not know the truth behind the situation, we are speculating....and chances might be our "guess" is accurate. However, thinking about the type of person that gives up a 14 year old dog...assuming they had the dog for the vast majority of those 14 years leads me to believe they did it out of necessity not out of selfishness. Perhaps, the only option they had was to surrender their beloved companion to a shelter rather than simply put the dog down??... I certainly do not know but there are situations which exist, forcing humans to do things which others really scratch their heads about...and this is a good example. Please understand, the opinion I submit is defending the exception not the rule when it comes to dogs ending up in a shelter. And I also salute you for donating your time at the shelter as it must be emotionally difficult at times seeing the hardships human impose on dogs.

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