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Default Do males and females EVER fight?

Oh this is probably such a stupid question but what the heck

So, will male and female dog ever fight? More specifically:

1. Unneutered male and any female
2. With strange females vs. pack mates

I am curious because my male has NEVER gotten into a fight with females. He has gotten into chest bumping scuffles with other rank seeking males but we interacted with some pretty mean females that wanted nothing to do with him and I swear he's like Pepe Le Pew with them, dancing around and asking for their attention no matter what they throw at him. Other times they are the ones following him around enjoying his presence I think. I usually remove him if he starts acting like a jerk but it rarely gets to that point

So it got me curious, will a male normally ever fight with a female? Has that ever happen to you? Who was the instigator? What was the fight about? How likely is a male and female fight to occur?

Satisfy my curiosity please
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