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Proud mama moment :) "Stay!" with company progress!

So I have been trying to work with Titan on his excitement when company is over.. whether it is with maintenance workers or dinner guests.. he get SO excited. Barking when the door bell rings.. yipping and whining when I tell him to go to bed, barking the whole time in his bed even attempting to come out when he gets too excited. Well we have been working on his "stay" with distractions as well to aid us in fixing this issue. Which he's been doing very well on... we don't have people over very often so it's been hard to train down the excitement. but we've been trying!!

So we had workers over to fix some things and Titan, as normal, barked his butt off when the doorbell ring. I let him have a few seconds to bark, because I do want the alert. Then say "ok, enough" and said go to bed. Normally it takes him a while to listen to that part, but he went over, still whining, but he went. Normally, it's me and my BF home, so my BF answers the door and i work with Titan. This time it was just me so I was slightly worried how it would play out. Well in his bed I told him to "stay!" and he did... THE WHOLE TIME! he did whine at first but after breaking out treats and telling him "enough" a couple times he was silent the entire time the workers were there. I even brought him out of his stay to throw around a ball while the guys were working and he didn't pay mind to them really. Once he saw them, though, he did let out a bark.. he went right back to bed, in his stay and didn't make another peep.

Just made me happy that he did it, and now I know that he WILL do it if I stay consistent. This was a really awesome test for us and it went so awesome..

That's all, just wanted to share.. thanks to those that gave me advice, months ago when I was working on this.


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