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Question Puppy poop - can you reduce #/amount?

Hans is just over 12 weeks old and something like 23 lbs.

Apart from the stress diarrhea he got on the day we picked him up, I've never had a dog who had such consistently great poops. Always perfectly shaped logs, always on schedule, even with food/treat variation, and even with eating some marrow from a beef knuckle bone. Just amazing.

But he poops A LOT. 4 times per day and the poops are MASSIVE. Again, always perfect, never loose stools, never constipated. He eats Royal Canin for GSD puppies (I will switch him to grain free as this bag whittles down, I just didn't want to make a switch immediately after getting him from the breeder) + 1.5 tbsp top up of Wilderness CORE wet food. I've also tried the regular Wellness wet food and the grain-free Blue Wilderness for puppy and his stools were always the same. He eats approximately 2.5 cups of dry kibble and 3-4 tbsp wet food in total per day.

If I switched him to grain free, would he poop less? The reason I mind is that he is also intent on licking his own poop/playing with it. It's very frustrating and we've tried everything (hot pepper sauce, tabasco - he loves to eat both) and bitter apple (this does work pretty well but you need to have the bottle with you). Basically we have a dog walker come in 2x per day while we are at work because I am worried that he'll poop in his ex pen/crate otherwise and eat it (gross). I would have much less concern if he was pooping 2x or even 3x per day.

Any thoughts? Is 4x per day normal?
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