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Honestly I prefer the term "active companion" myself

It's not the term itself, I've seen many times owners with actual working dogs refer to their dogs as pets, so it's not the wording so much as the attitude implied by many people that use it. It's become a derogatory term

Also, just because the dog isn't titled doesn't mean that they aren't being trained and working in one or more venues. It may be that they are working towards titles or it's just for fun - I don't see those people as strictly "pet people" either. Unless the person outright comes out and says "I have absolutely no interest in exercising or training my dog" and the dog is literally just an fur rug expected to sit in a corner and keep quiet, than I’m not saying boo or implying they’re better or worse than me.

On the other hand when does a dog magically graduate out of being just a "pet" dog, when it gets a BH, RN, HIC, CGC, etc?

Sometimes the “pets” get more exercise and attention than dogs that are titled in multiple venues, most active owners are out at least once a day walking their dogs, spending time lounging on the couch, or playing fetch with their “pets” while there are dogs out there that live in kennels except for the few hours that are spent training. I don’t agree with people looking down on those people either, if the dog is happy it’s happy – who cares if it gets 30 minutes or 3 hours exercise a day.

The “holier than thou” attitude is getting tiring and of course PC is even worse. I can’t even say “we’re all dog owners so get along” without offending multiple people because they don’t like the term “owners” and prefer “guardian” or something else.


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