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Almost 2year old Diagnosed with Level 1 Dysplasia

I'm really new to all this but we had some issues with my GSD and his legs and we thought it might have been Lyme disease but when we brought him in and had some xrays done (No I don't have the xrays as PDF / SCAN)

I understand that this is Grade 1 and its not the end of the world, but I don't know how to proceed, he's still abit sore I think he bounces around and acts like a puppy outside when we're out there but I don't know how much excerise to give him... his favorite game is Tug of war which we rarely play now but he tries to engage in it a lot, last night we played a bit but instead of pulling against him I walked towards him so he was always "Winning" but we didn't do that for more than 2-3minutes.

I just don't know how to play with him don't know if it can get worse don't know what to do at all... is there a stupid mans site on this.

My wife runs a daycare and the dog cannot be in the house while the daycare is running for legal reasons (I just don't want anything to happen to child or dog) so he used to stay outside in his kennel all year round (Which has an insulated dog house an electric dog heating pad that only turns on when he's on it and the whole kennel is surrounded by Plastic walls and a tin roof. But the patio stones still get cold and the dork sits on them (On his hip a lazy puppy sit) watching the birds ... I know we can create him until I come home but is there anything I can do to his kennel to make it better for him? Or is the Kennel now only a summer / spring / fall thing...

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