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"Pet People"

Can we stop using this term to describe people who don't work or show their dogs?

I find it offensive when people who work their dogs or people that show their dogs call people who don't do either "pet people" and they say it as if we are beneath them. I am sure at some point in their lives they have owned or currently do own a "pet." Some people that work their dogs or show their dogs don't even consider those dogs as pets, they are strictly working dogs or show dogs and they don't live as cherished members of a family like most "pets" do. Not all of them are like this but some are.

Maybe some of us "pet people" have dogs that aren't cut out for working or showing, maybe we have anxiety and can't handle being around large groups of people, maybe we can't physically do that type of training or showing, maybe we don't have that kind of money, maybe we have busy lives and can't do that stuff at the moment.

Also not everyone that only wants a "pet" goes through bybs. Although I do only own "pets" I still will buy puppies from breeders that either show or work their dogs. Health and temperment are important to me.

I train my dogs, I take them everywhere I can, when I am not at work I spend all of my time with them, I make sure they get Vet care, they are fed a high quality diet, they get exercise, they have tons of toys, they get spoiled and they are my life so please don't treat me as if I am beneath you because my dogs don't have titles.

I am sure other "pet people" feel the same way. I just had to get that out.


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