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picking the right puppy, temperment and sex?

I had a long post typed and went to post and I was timed out so here goes the quickie version, LOL.

My name is Amy and my kids age 14 and 11 and I are going to be getting one of the puppies in the photo below sometime in April. In the past I had a shepherd/husky mix that had many issues (submissive peeing and others) but with crate training, clicker training and patience she become a wonderful family dog. Same time we also had a lab mix who was just naturally wonderful, LOL. they both passed away at 14 years old. Currently I have a 5 year old male neutered chi.

We were going to rescue a shepherd but the dogs we looked at got along great with my human kids but wanted to eat my furry little one. He is long haired, I guess he looks pretty cat like.

I also have a friend who comes to visit and I frequently dog sit for him who has unneutered males, a lab age 4 and a german shorthair pointer age 7. They are wonderful dogs, well trained, no issues. Get along with my chi.

I am thinking I want to get a female because of all the males. She will be spayed, I am not looking to breed her just want a family pet and a protector. My husband passed away several years ago and I miss having a big dog around.

Do you think a female would be best? What should I look for in a puppy? I want a middle of the road puppy. Not overly fearful but not overly dominant/reactive either.

A little more about me: I worked 5 years at a humane society, I have clicker and crate training experience.

One other thing. We will most likely be getting the puppy at 7 weeks old. As long as she is weaned and eating kibble. The owner is going through a nasty divorce and is only in the house every other week. The spouse handles the dogs the other week. They are taken care of but do not receive as much handling and interaction with people as they probably should those weeks. The puppies are purebred, parents have certified hips. This is the mother's second and last litter. (this is a friend of a friend btw) Puppies are 4 weeks old


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