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Now my friends think I'm crazy

Went to dinner with some friends tonight. Sushi, tappanyani place...great food. Anyway on the way home they mentioned that they needed to drop by the grocery to get some stuff for the baby, I tagged along with them. It was a grocery I do not go to as I just don't like the store. I went over to the meat department and saw a sign for Boston Butt, 1.49 a pound. ONE FORTY NINE a pound. I wiped them out. 30 bucks of meat. My friends saw my arms full of this and commented "oh you must like BB". Before I could censor myself I blabbed "oh, it's for the dogs". The look(s) they gave me were shock, awe and a little bit of disgust that I'd "waste" human grade meat on mere dogs.

As we were checking out the wife asked if I fed them the beef to make them mean. It took me a few seconds to parse that question, it was just so...wrong that it vapor-locked my brain. I asked her if my dogs seemed mean, she said no they were lovely(and yes they are). I told her they eat raw meat all the time and if anything it makes them happier animals.

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