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Freaking out - 15 weeks and injury(?) with foot drag

Tonight my 15 week GSD was playing in our sun room while I was cooking dinner. Suddenly he headed back to the kitchen, yelping loudly and dragging the top of one of his hind feet (knuckling?) with every step. This went on for (what seemed like an eternity) maybe 30-60 seconds. I put him into his crate in the same room and prepared for a trip to the emergency vet clinic. When I let him out of the crate, he was not overly exuberant, but he didn't seem to be crying, limping, or dragging his foot anymore. In fact, he seems to be full weight-bearing again. When I look back, though, he has always tended to nip at the hip/leg on that side, and our trainer mentioned that she wondered if his leg was bothering him on that side b/c he cries when reaches to scratch that ear. So far, vet has said he's fine (no diagnostic imaging or anything yet, and the vet has watched his ears carefully b/c I thought the yelping was related to his ears). We have an appointment next week at the vet - is there anything in particular I should be asking or requesting?

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