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Demodex Mites


I have a 5 month old German/Australian mix who was diagnosed with demodex about a week ago via a skin scraping. At that time she had it mostly on the lips, nose, and pretty badly under her chin. Her vulva was also very inflamed. She had lost all the fur on her chin when we visited the vet. She went from zero to pretty bad in what seemed like just 48 hours. The vet prescribed:
-Antibiotic to treat a secondary infection
-Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo to be bathed in every other day
-Topical revolution every 2 weeks
-AllerG-3 Omega supplement

We've been following the vet's directions to the tee. In just one week the mites appear to have spread rapidly. She now has thinning hair around her eyes, bits of missing hair on her legs and paws with bumps and sores. I've also started to find little scabs here and there on her belly and armpits.

I called the vet who recommend I apply the second round of revolution a week early and continue with the other medications and to call back if it hadn't improved by Monday. She also informed me that the only remaining option is Ivermectin or a costly dog dermatologist.

My concern is that the prescribed treatments are clearly doing nothing to improve the situation. The antibiotic did a great job and cleared up the infection right away but the mites are visibly getting much worse and progressing pretty quickly.

I am hesitant to agree to treat with Ivermectin since she is half Aussie. I am very concerned about the potential adverse effects it can potentially cause.

Can anyone recommend other treatment options? I am also interested in exploring holistic options if need be. I really don't want to risk the Ivermectin or pay for a "dog dermatologist" to tell me the same thing my vet has.

Has anyone tried apple cider vinegar? Borax/hydrogen peroxide baths? Other medications? I'm pretty desperate at thing point because she is loosing hair at an alarming rate and my heart is breaking for her. Help!
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