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Smile Light OBSESSION!

Hello everyone!

I've been a member for a while, first time post except for my girls photo album! I apologize if this has been asked before but never really seen the answer I want. Zoe has loved lights. It started last July when I used a flashlight and she tried to chase it. Not thinking about it, I did the bad thing and let her chase it! Then I got her a laser (I know another bad idea please don't beat me up over it) and she loved that too. Fun and games aside, now she likes to find anything. Reflection from water bowl/cellphone/dog tags. She can still focus fine on other things, just concerning how much she looks for it. I've stopped all the playing for a while, and it's a little better. Do you guys have any ideas to help correct my mistake completely?? I know GSD can be very OCD prone, and I don't want to a cause anymore trouble. Thanks for help!

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