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Lumbosacral Syndrome

Fama has been diagnosed with Lumbosacral Syndrome by the Army vets, which is why she is being retired. I will get her vet record when I adopt her, so I will be able to look into how this was diagnosed and refer her to an ortho specialist for further treatment.

In the meantime, I am gathering information on the condition. I would like to hear from anyone with first hand knowledge of this condition, what diagnostic tools were used, what treatment was used, and what the outcome of treatment was.

I have this condition as well. Through injury from an IED and years of very heavy physical activity, the discs in my lumbar area have compressed to the point that the vertebrae are pressing on the nerves that run down my legs. This is the definition I have found online for Lumbosacral Syndrome in dogs.

I have experienced relief through a number of treatments, such as NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, controlled low impact exercise, chiropractic therapy and just being smart about how I use my lower back. The surgeons have wanted to cut me open for years, but I won't let them until it gets so bad I am having problems functioning.

I am hopeful, as all the routes of treatment that have helped me are also available to Fama. I believe my first hand knowledge will help guide me through her treatment. I am very interested in hearing from anyone who has dealt with this issue in their dog, how it manifested and what seemed to help relieve their dog's pain.

I am dedicated to helping Fama have the best life possible. Any information you have is welcome.

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