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Scared 5 month old?

My husband and I had recently moved to a larger house with a big backyard that our GSD did not have before. He only pooped inside the house the first day we got him and afterwards, he's been pooping outside. Recently, my husband has been gone for two weeks and I've been left alone to care for our puppy. For the past few days, he's been pooping and peeing in the house. When I correct him, he gets scared and runs to his crate. When I let him out, he doesn't come back in when I call him and is digging up a storm outside. When he does come in though, he does it on his own terms and I have to quickly shut the door before he bolts back outside. I take him out on a leash so he can relieve himself, but he won't do it on the leash. He'll only relieve himself if he's off the leash and that's when I have trouble getting him inside. I want him to be able to go outside and relieve himself without a leash, but I have the hardest time getting him to come back inside. He's outside now and has been for the majority of the morning and he hasn't eaten or drank any water all day because he won't come inside. He'll peek his head in the doorway, see me, and then bolt back outside again. Please help.
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