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I thought I had lost control

We went for our usual walk the other day. There's a school with a large fenced off area that includes 4 or 5 baseball fields and a soccer field.

Zeeva was off leash and Smokey was on his 20-25ft retractable. These two shih tzus came up to us. Zeeva's recall was superb (but it happened so fast I don't know if she recalled before she saw the two little dogs). I grabbed the 'D' on her prong and held on for dear life. Smokey was getting in an altercation with one of the dogs as I attempted to reel him in. Just when I thought I had lost control, I asked them to sit and they was like a ray of sunshine breaking through rain clouds. The two little dogs kept barking but eventually returned to their owner who apologized from afar...

I didn't post this in the brag section because I still wish I didn't have to have so much drama when an off leash dog approaches us...I wish I could trust them...

But it got me thinking a bit. Does age make a difference as to how obedient a dog is? If people would wait it out a few years before thinking about rehoming or putting their dog in a shelter...I was in that boat a while ago but I feel like with a little bit of age, my two have become more docile and manageable and that's without any formal training...isn't the most common age for a dog to be placed in a shelter under the age of 2ish? I really do believe waiting a few years makes the world of a difference, don't you?
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