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How long until swelling goes down on adult GSD after Neuter?

Hi Guys,

It's been two weeks since Z was fixed. We kept him calm the best we could for 1 week, and past week still no walks and kept him separated from his little sister. He had to go back to the vet on Saturday because a little bit of surgical glue dissolved and a small spot opened and was oozing. He got a staple and antibiotic just in case. It looks great all normal skin color.

Hi scrotum still looks like he was not fixed... it's a bit smaller but still retained the shape. 2 weeks after surgery. It's not red or bruised and he is eating, drinking and stir crazy by now. He tries to play any chance he gets.

I was trying to read and find some info so I know there could be a himotoma and usually absorbed by the body eventually and also fluid.

I did call the vet, they really don't seem that concerned and said they will check everything when he is in for his staple removal on the first.

I guess I was expecting an empty skin hanging, but not this. Doe it take longer when neutered a bit older?

Sorry I am so clueless and over worried as always.

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