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Why does a breeders continue to breed sire that produces Dysplasia

I'd like to know what other GSD owners and breeders recommend. We purchased two puppies from different litters from a GSD breeder in Corona, California. Both our puppies were diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia and a few months later our male was also diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.
The breeder's claimed they had never in 37 years had a dog with elbow dysplasia and wow we got two from different litters but the same sire. They said we were not eligible for a warranty refund for ED because we had surgery to treat the problem. Okay, but shouldn't the OFA rating of ED, and CT Scans, performed by Board Certified Radiologist be sufficient for them to confirm? We have been GSD owners and had lost our two 12 year olds and wanted healthy lines. What a mistake I made in choosing this breeder. I didn't realize that the sire was Fast Normal meant he is borderline by OFA standards. When our boy was diagnosed with HD we took him to be examined by their Vet. Their Vet recognized our Vet's that are excellent and said he agreed with the diagnosis. Yet the breeder wanted him xrayed but it wasn't done by PENN or OFA standards. Still the diagnosis was HD. But their vet said Mild. The breeder will not warranty their puppies unless it is MODERATE to SEVERE Hip Dysplasia. They said " not covered under our warranty. Specifically it will not affect the health of the dog." DO YOU AGREE? I find this awful and shocking. Shouldn't a good breeder care if they are producing puppies with dysplasia? Shouldn't they stop breeding that male? What would you recommend?
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