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Front right leg limp

Hello Everyone I am new to the site. Well, I have lurked for years and gotten a lot of info when needed. However I am feeling down and maybe I needed to sign up to vent and get some advice.

I have a 6.5 old German Shepherd which I paid good money(2500) for and was supposedly from a good breeder. The first 6 months as a puppy he had explosive diarrhea. I could not get this dog to poop hard for anything. After trying all different dog foods (yes we started of slow with everyone) thousands in vet bills, watching him stare at prescription Science diet looking at me and saying I am not eating this crap (I didnt blame him) finally we switched to raw. No problems there ever since but this dogs stomach could never handle anything but raw. First sign of health issues

Now he currently has double hip dysplasia. We have managed the hips for his whole life pretty well. We wanted to wait until right before it started effecting his quality of life and we are at that point right now. So he is getting his right hip done next month and then in 6-9 months we are going to get the other side done.

A couple of days ago I started noticing a limp and I assumed it was his right hip but in reality its his front right leg. I am obviously not a professional but I checked his pads, nails, extended his elbow, his foot, and shoulder while applying a little bit pressure but he does not react.

He uses this side of his body to get up because of his hips so I am wondering if they repeated abuse has caused this. Which also makes me feel guilty about not doing the surgery sooner. He seems fine. Wants to play but we are curbing his exercise because I already know what it is. Its def elbow dysplasia because that is the type of luck this poor animal has.

He hates the vet and will not let anyone xray him so anytime we do get xrays he has to be put under and its a $600 process. We have had to do this 3 times in the past few months so we already spent $1800 before even getting surgery. I am trying to put it off until next month when he gets his hip done.

Is that a bad idea?

Couple other questions

Do dogs with hip dysplasia also get ED as a result of taking weight off their hips?

Do you think with all of these health problems I should put it out there to the public about this breeder and what I am going through. I haven't spoken to him in years but he knew about the first hip and offered to replace the dog 9 months in to me owning him. Which of course no one does.

Thanks for listening. I love my boy and would do anything for him.
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