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My "German Shepherd" puppy...

I purchased a "German Shepherd" puppy from a lady and since, I'm not sure if I'm convinced she's full blooded. She's all tan (the tan has gotten a little darker) with a black muzzle. When you brush her coat back you can see black in the undercoat and her tail/back legs have a black tint to them like they'll grow out to be black. I was told she was 7 weeks when I got her, and now at 11 weeks she just doesn't seem she's as big as she should be. She's growing quite well, but every other GSD pup I see seem to be leggy with bigger heads, her legs are starting to grow out, so maybe her head is about to hit a growth spurt too? I'm not sure how much she weighs but she's a stout little booger and is pretty heavy. Whether she's full blooded or not I'll love her anyways, I just want some other opinions. Someone mentioned before about blonde GSDs and I never knew there was a "blonde" GSD color. What do you think????
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