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Mine went though that phase for a bit. I do positive reinforcement so mine is treat trained and when he hit the phase you were talking about, didn't want to do anything either. Since I knew that most of the time he wouldn't want to listen, I made sure he worked extra hard for the things he really wanted. Where he used to just have to sit and wait for his breakfast, he now had to sit down sit down high five 20 second stay wave down and then get his food. Same thing went for walks, play, entering the dog park, etc. It definitely was not the most productive phase. He didn't learn anything new. But keeping the practice to things he really wanted for a week or two and then asking again in situations where he may not want to do it (waiting in line at the store) seemed to help sort of charge the commands and remind him that they were worth listening to. It also helps with the treat reliance. The only time he really worked for food in that process was when he wanted a meal, everything else was just life rewards. I'm not an expert trainer or anything, mostly just sharing what worked for me in a similar phase
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