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7 yo female Louisville, KY (adopted)

The following is from KHS (Kentucky Humane Society) the computer locks up every time I try and attach a photo (she is pure) if you can upload it email and I will send it to you.

My name is Kendra Nehring, I'm an adoption counselor for Kentucky Humane society. This is a rather odd email for you, I'm sure, but I had a customer suggest I get in contact with a German shepherd rescue group regarding an alleged 7year old pure breed we have at my KHS location.
She's been with us for about two weeks now, I believe she may, possibly, find a good home, eventually perhaps... However she's an old girl, clearly has some serious anxiety (adopted out of KHS as a puppy, returned last year for "aggression" issues - which she clearly doesn't have, adopted back the following day by the same owner who surrendered her, and then surrendered this year for "financial issues." Albeit, this dog need some vet care - possible urinary tract infection which she is on antibiotics for but not actually been vet checked for, hip dysphasia, severely underweight etc.. Several customers have sadly commented on how pretty she is, but no takers - her adoption fee is $205 with shots, microchipped and theoretically spayed (although no one knows with her for certain).
She's trained to sit, come, stay, lay down, shake... But becomes extremely anxious when away from myself or one of the other adoption counselors here (she's bonded this poor dog is really honestly breaking my heart since she's such a wonderfully furry friend, but very much needs more vet TLC and possibly fostering than KHS is willing to offer - I can't afford a $205 dog and I work full time otherwise I would've adopted her by now.... Again this is probably a strange email, but is there anything you can possibly do to help out this dog?

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate your time spent in reading this rather lengthy email!

Kendra Nehring
KHS adoption counselor

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