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Listen to me?!

I feel like a failure. Five and a half months ago I got a cute little fluffball and he followed me everywhere. Potty trained now, also in our second puppy course, he has regressed from my puppy who listened to everything to bot having any recall or anything. I tried weaning him off the treats and ball when training and I've had nothing but failure. He won't even make eye contact when training. Help. The "trainer" in the class only has me and one other GSD and he does pretty well in class with treats but at home I'm awful at being able to help him listen. Is he just in his butthole stage or am I doing something completely wrong? Last month he had down:
Sit, down, stay, wait, shake, come, bring it, drop it, up, army crawl, leave it, high five.
Now he's got ... Sit.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here. I tried a prong collar and he responds ok to that in public but not at home. I am mystified. :banghead:

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