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6 mo. Needs to Learn How to Greet Other Dogs While on Leash

My 6mo little pup is very social in our neighborhood - goes to the dog park every weekend where she has a wonderful time socializing with the other pups.

Now, when I take her on a walk and she sees one of her friends - she goes crazy. The hackles are up, she barks at the top of her treble clef, she jumps around like a banshie. I try to get her to sit, but it is near impossible - she loses all ability to focus on anything, but the dog she wants to greet. She appears to be a crazy german shepherd that has lost her mind, but she really wants to rush over and say hello. I would love for her to say hello and get a few sniffs in with her friend, but I don't want to reward this bad behavior. I try to stand in front of her and get her to sit, but even if I do - she then jumps and pulls on her leash to go see her friend. I had a small success yesterday when I started to walk away from her friend, then she calmed down and we went to see the friend (though she was pulling on the leash on the way to the friend).

Any suggestions on how to stop this behaviour would be very welcomed

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