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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
Mixed emotions on that. If you really care for an animal and can't meet it's needs and need to rehome it to someone that can and will then I think that's great. It's more selfish to hang onto the animal for your own emotional reasons than to recognize someone else can give it a better life.

I got an 11 year old GSD/GSD mix free off CL. I'll be honest, just reading the ad I thought this was a case of an old dog with failing health and an owner too cheap to bring the dog to the vet and do the humane thing. I was willing to do that, but when I went to initially meet the dog, he surprised me with his energy and joy for life. My friend does GSD rescue so I agreed to foster him and she would list him through the rescue. She was willing to pay for his vet care, but I declined and got him sorted out. He was very overweight, had a lick granuloma on a front paw, had a large but benign tumor on one thigh, and had some arthritic knees but nothing that needed work, just old dog stuff. I assumed because of his age and a few health problems he'd basically "retire" with me and be spoiled for a few more years, but after a few weeks, a really nice couple that runs a huge cattle ranch adopted him! I would take this dog back in a heartbeat but based on the stories and photos I get from his new adopted owners, I don't think he's going anywhere ever again I tried not to judge the previous owners. Turns out the lady who posted him had been taking care of him for her son who basically abandoned him. She was in over her head with him because her own dog had some health and behavioral issues and she was working a ton to keep her son in a private school. She was very grateful we answered the ad and she actually did ask us a lot of questions and wanted to check our house.

Sometimes you can find a gem on CL!

Just before loading up for his final drive "home" on adoption day
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