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Really.. To darn smart

Well I came home to a surprise today. We have two GSD's. Diego is 17 months and Bandit is 7 months. Let me start with the fact that all my homes doors ( interior and entry ) have French curved handles on them ( luv the look ) and the front door doesn't have a dead bolt. We went shopping for about a hour today and came home to the front door open and both dogs gone ( we don't cage them and have never had any kind of problems ). Then within a couple of minutes being home and freaking out guess who comes trotting in. We couldn't figure out how they got out. Then when I went out to get something from my truck guess what? I can see the thumb lever on the outside of the front door moving and my boys smacking the inside handle to open the door!!! Are you kidding me??? They figured out how to open the front door.. What's next, taking my truck for joy rides. Well tomorrow guess who gets to install a dead bolt lock.. This guy..
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