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Default More Craigslist Surfing

So the other thread got me to thinking and I decided to peruse my local craigslist using the search "german shepherds." I found tons of ads for puppies as you can imagine. I also found a couple wanting to find a male for breeding. But the ones that break my heart are the ones where people are wanting to sell or give away their "beloved" pup/dog. This one especially got me: 1yr old White German Shepherd

If I had the room and more time at home to ease the transition I would most definitely "rescue" this young man. Owner seems at least a little responsible and concerned but I just can't imagine. I can't even imagine taking his picture for such a thing..."Here Blitz,,stand still and let's take a good shot so mommy can sell you."

Or how about this one...wants a female GSD..not NEUTERED: WANTED- FEMALE GERMAN SHEPERD- NOT NEUTERED-FREE

Or this guy who might want a GSD or a Great Permengese for free...he has a home. What?

wanted free pups

And last, but most certainly not least, what- pray tell- is an NKC registration?

Nkc registered German shepherd puppies
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