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How to tell if puppies are purebred?

Hello . I'm new to this forum, I'm from Lithuania.
I'm now really starting to consider getting a german shepherd puppy in the summer. I wanted one since I was 12 years old, but we didn't have the space for one. At the moment I'm still considering, reading Puppies for Dummies and etc., thinking of supplies I'd need, if I could take few weeks of vacation when I'd get my puppy.
Also I'm starting to work 3/4 time instead of full and I will have more time available.
I know that the best option is to buy a GSD with papers, however that's not really an option for me, it is a bit too pricey. Here puppies with documents cost about 3-4 times more than without them. And for that I could buy many supplies, food and cover a few vet bills. Even though I'm not a dog expert, I think it is absolutely possible to get a great purebred puppy without papers. Of course from what I've seen online everyone understands "purebred" differently. I just want a companion, it's not for shows or anything (obviously).
Is there a resource that lists the things to look in a puppy to help decide if it's purebred or not? And e.g. things that are not so easily noticed and overlooked by an inexperienced person? Most of the answers I could find on the internet are like "well just look at his papers" or "have his DNA tested" etc.
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