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Raising a therapy dog.

So, since I got her at 7 weeks (currently 11.5 weeks), she has displayed what I think is the perfect temperament for therapy work. Sweet and loves to cuddle and get attention from everybody. Loves to explore new places and meet new people, but is willing to listen to me.

At this age she can get a little too excited at first and wants to jump up on people, which I do correct and in future I have no doubt that we'll get to where it won't even be an issue.

I am hoping to have her tested and registered with TDI, as well as get her Canine Good Citizenship and any other titles/testing we can do to help her.

I've been socializing her with all sorts of people (at her pace based on what I have time for, but for her, she could do it all day long), places, and noises I can... And she just takes it all in stride. A few times something will spook her for a moment, or she gets confused by something, then it's "Hmm, okay, that's not too bad", and she's fine again.

Very very friendly, and her bite inhibition training (more like rule) has been going splendidly. As long as you have a good treat for her, she'll try to jump the moon for you.

Anyways, just want to make sure I'm on the right track, and if anyone has any books, websites, or other information. I know therapy work training isn't as big of a deal as service dog training... But I still want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything.

So, any resources, any advice, tips, etc. We have 9-10 months of stuff at least where I can squeeze in a lot of work.

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