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LONG story over bad rescue experiance. (moved from chat)

I need to vent about my rescue experiances,

Around December we saw Tyson on my old rescues page with a urgent foster plee, we decided to open our home to him because his plee stated he would be put to sleep within the next few days. We recieved a call from the director asking us to go pik up Tyson at once to save him from the needle which we did. The rest is history and we decided to adopt him for a 300.00 fee.

Fast forward a few months, i was put in touch with his old mom who confirmed that she had no choice but to give him up due to his cat incident, i like his old mom and we talk daily about things. I had mentioned to her that we were so lucky we had the chance to save Tyson from the needle, she sent me back a ???? and told me that Tyson was never at risk of being PTS and if he was she would be the first to know about it. I left it at that and told her what my old rescue had told me. I proceeded to call Georgina animal control and find out from them if he was at risk or not, they laughed at me and told me Tyson's cat incident was terrible but he was a very good boy and they dont put animals to sleep unless it is court ordered or there is a bite incident with a shelter member, my response to that was "well the rescue has told us he was at risk" and the shelter worker said "yes well we have had words with them for not telling the truth" flat out lied too and manipulated we were, dont get me wrong i would have picked him up anyways regardless.

I was really angry with them for lieing to us i made the mistake of telling the admin that and she had responded with "if you think that is bad you should see all the emails they sent out to each other bashing there fosters and calling them names" well! that was interesting and it was also just here say although it would not shock me at all but i did not have any proof of that so it was not a fact. I left it at that.

About a week ago i logged on to facebook only to find out that i was deleted and blocked from their main fb page, i was deleted and blocked from their forever family page and i was removed from their foster page (which i understood because i was not fostering for them) but i was part of the forever family page, i have 2 dogs from them. I was really upset and told my SO who told me that i should thank my lucky stars and move on lol typical dude. Then the text msges from the director rolled in and WOW i saved them all but they are very very uncalled for, swearing at me ...telling me how they could not believe i believed the here say rumors about the foster bashing which i did not btw. Telling me that they USED to love us and the shelter lied to them about Tyson and it gets pretty emotional after that but i did not respond until i recieved a msg stating " we will just come and get your dog"...umm over my dead body with you remove my dog i thought. So i sent a very unemotional msg saying " Tyson is doing well and he has a home with us forever" i know better then to buy into it and send angry msges back.

So that is were it ends after fostering multiple dogs for them, buying all the food for the fosters, travelling to meet adoptive families, travelling to do house checks going to events and spending TONS of money for carpet cleaning, i get the boot. In retrospect im glad it is over but i feel terrible all the same. I know great rescues exist but in the future i will be going to a breeder.
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