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my mistake I thought it was a female. yes, neutering should help with aggression. if he's been with you for a year and a half it should be OK to neuter him at this point. you should wait for people with more experience to post their opinions and also obviously talk to your vet.

my family previously had a rottweiler who was neutered but he was always very sweet natured. I also cared for a pug for a long time who was neutered and it helped with his hyperness, but pugs are never really capable of being aggressive. neutering is something you should do anyway once the dog is 12-24 months IMO so it may be a very appropriate thing to try for curbing aggression.

but also make sure there is a place where he must learn his place, whether a leash in the yard or even better a kennel that he can NEVER escape from. an occasional escape is how to teach a dog to escape.

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