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Idaho is rather behind with its laws dealing with animals. They're considered property, and if I have my dog restrained while someone else does not, the blame falls to them. I do know that increasing the obedience is a part of all of this, however I do not believe he is a reactive dog at this point. He's about 7.5 months old right now. I know if I don't nip this in the butt now and make it clear that it is not acceptable things can escalate, however right now I see it more as stupid puppy, but am taking measures to nip this in the butt (taking the pun) now rather than let it be seen as acceptable.

My first shepherd honestly did the same kind of thing, granted she wasn't nearly physically able as Doyle is, and while it was embarrassing, she never hurt anybody or escalated. I learned from that (being that she was my first dog and I was a teenager) and have had a few more dogs under my belt. Only had this guy since he was about 5 months of age, no idea of what kind of obedience he had before then. He's getting more food motivated and more toy motivated, but its a bit of a work in progress if that makes sense. I see improvements and am striving for more. But I see this more as stupid puppy teenage phase starting compared with reactivity. He doesn't go back after them, he can walk near new dogs without reacting.
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