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Bane 2nd club experience

Bane did good....Talked about many things I need to be doing....Bitework not being one of them....So all bitework will be done by the helper at the club from here on out.

He was catching the jute tug nicely, with a full grip, but he was letting his grip slip once the helper starting pulling on the tug....I'm almost positive this was created by me. By me not making him fight for it...Basically me just letting him win right off the bat...So, hopefully he will start to grip harder as time goes on. Barking was nice, catching the jute tug was nice...Grip, we will be working on and building confidence.

I'll only be playing with balls at home. Ball on rope(choking up on rope) .... I have a better home training plan now....Shorter sessions. Taking days off, keeping it fun.

There is so much to all of this....Welcome to SchH training Jeremy....My greatest concern, continuing to find time to do it....I'm trying to get the whole family involved. 4 hour round trip every weekend.....I don't want to fail.....I also don't want divorced....haha....

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