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GSD and kids

Annie is our GSD, and she is 7 months old. First, let me start by saying she is incredibly smart and a fantastic dog at home. She loves my kids and our cat and will play with them all day. She knows all her basic commands and is obedient at home all day long. However, when we go out in public, or to the parks, it is like she looses everything she knows. She kind of goes "stupid".

Every since she was 3 months old she would growl at any of my kids' friends that came over. The kids would be running by or dancing around and Annie would growl and lunge. As long as the kids' friends were sitting and still, Annie was ok with them being in our home. At 6 months old we realized we couldn't risk the liability of Annie nipping or actually biting a child, we sent her to obiedience school, in hopes of Annie working with strangers would help her realize not all other people are bad. After 5 weeks at training, we went to pick her up where she excelled in her training. The trainer said she is super high energy and really needs a job. (we have been told this multiple times) We spent several hours learning what we needed to learn in order to continue her success at home.

We got home from picking Annie up on Thursday, and took her to the park on Saturday. As I sat at the table with her to watch my kids play, I was horrified and totally embarrassed at how Annie acted. She aggressively barked AND lunged at kids running by, no matter how many times I offered treats. I tried moving further away from the kids playing and Annie whined and then aggressively barked at all the kids. I know some of the other mothers were getting a little nervous, which is why we eventually left. As long as people are sitting still and not running or jumping, Annie is fine.

Has anyone ever had this problem? I honestly don't think Annie would actually bite? But, I would NEVER want to find out I am wrong. I really want to find a way to correct this behavior, in order to keep my Annie girl.

Any and all opinions and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks so much in advance,
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