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dog aggressive

please help. a german shep/border collie mix i rescued as a pup has been with us for year and a half. despite training and him breaking loose from every harness/collar/lead/cable/chain/whatever he gets out. the sudden aggression is the big issue. the kids have been around him since we got him and my youngest,8, is really attached. they play, yes, but always initiated by kids to include him in running thru the house, to my dismay, but they are getting exercise and it wears all of them out. but today, my youngest was laying on floor not engaging the dog, the dog walked over, low growled and went to bite at his throat. fortunately, he did not bite down and retreated when i reacted. i need to know if neutering would eliminate this risk, or does the dog need to go? i love dogs, always had shelter pets, but i'm a mother first.
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