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whats your preference; male or female dog?

I ask becsuse traditionally i always had females- didnt want to deal with the marking, humping, 'popping wood' that came with males. Other than that i honestly was naive to the fact that sexual dimorphism existed much in dogs and certainly didnt humanize dogs by attributing masculine or feminine qualities to male or female dogs. For years ive been told by other male dog owners they prefer males. When pressed for a reason, the response would be something vague and subjective like 'i dont know, they are just cooler'. Ok...i supposed i was aking the wrong people.
When i decided I had the available time and money to make adding a second dog feasable, i wanted another female but knew that this could cause problems. I started asking breeders and trainers. I was often surprised with how they too without hesitation would almost always answer they preferred male. Since ive added my second dog, and without losing an ounce of love or respect for my female, i do kind of get it. And surpsisingly there do seem to be some distinctly masculine qualities about male dogs and vice versa. I always thought that was more the stuff of disney cartoons and that our concepts of gender and personslity dont translate to animals.
Some do seem to. Its a bit of projecting im sure and our ideas of gender are largely influenced by culture but i swear my male acts more masculine and there is distinct femine quality about my female. They arent even both pb gsds (my male may be) so im sure breed and bloodlines etc. may make my husky mix seem girly and delicate versus my male gsd and his massive head and clumsy, brash attitude. But other dogs owners echo the same sense. Thoughts?
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