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Frightened Dog/Panic Attack?

Does anyone know if dogs can be afraid of the dark?

Tonight my husband took our dog, Ben, on a short (20 min) walk after dark. Ben had been whining to go out, though he had already been outside for a little while. Anyway, according to my husband, on the way back to our street (a familiar walk), Ben started straining to get home quickly, then started literally fighting on the leash: mouthing his legs (but not biting down), lunging around to "get away," and barking like crazy. My husband got him to lay down and tried to pet him to settle down. He says Ben laid there, but was biting on the grass the whole time.

Then he tried to get him to walk home calmly again and again Ben barked and was wild, desperate to get home. Apparently, once he got to our house, he started walking calmly and came inside.

He had been somewhat anxious since then, panting a lot and whatnot. Then he fell asleep on his blanket in the living room. Just now my son woke him up by opening the linen closet down the hallway and Ben started barking like crazy, even growling and barking once my son came into the living room where Ben could see him. He didn't lunge at him, but he barked and growled (once). He only stopped barking when my husband grabbed him.

I'm so freaked out. We have had Ben five, almost six months and have never had any kind of serious aggression (growling and barking) toward our son or on walks. He had a problem with nipping/herding us early on, but doesn't do that very much now. Tonight's behavior is over the top and scary.

Any insight is much appreciated.
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