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Not getting along all of a sudden

Lola has been fighting with Connor for about a week or two now. I'm not sure what to do. They get along fine one moment then the next all heck breaks out and I have to pull them apart.

Lola is the more dominant one and is always the one that starts it.

For instance, today I was doing some stretching. Lola was laying in the corner of the room (not too far away) and Connor came in the room and up to me. Lola quickly gets up and then I have to pull them apart. I told Lola no and put her in the crate.

Earlier today it was because Connor had a toy she wanted. I did go through the house and put away ALL toys, bones, etc.. I had been giving them treats and bully sticks while they are separated for a while now because of that.

Yesterday, it was because Connor took a drink out of her bowl. And several other times, where I'm not even sure what happened. I ended up crating Lola for a while because they just kept at it.

I really need to fix this issue, but I don't know how. I know Lola doesn't care of other dogs but her and Connor have always played well together until recently.

Oh, and it's only in the house. Outside they play awesome together.

Lola is 7 months old, unspayed. Connor is 9 years and neutered. He's a 90 pound mixed breed.
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