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Default GSDx3, a Kelpie, and a Corgi

Decided to try for group photos today, was fairly successful!

I wish I had moved everyone over to in front of the post, instead of in front of this window...bummer. Also, Kastle please relax your face.

Ok, every other dog, look to your RIGHT. You other two, look to your LEFT.

I REALLY wanted to have them all lined up between each others' ears...but I could not get it. The GSDs have some weird compulsion to vulture hulk and lean to the right... *sigh*

Sometimes, Limit has a pit bull smile. And I love it. Also, the wind was blowing Eden's ear up higher than normal, and making me laugh.

Bones and Ickky. Ickky is so sweet and patient. I hope to bring them back to this bench and shoot another pic when Bones is all grown up.

A group shot with my kids. I look like crap. I'm sick and we just got done training all three phases of IPO, two of them in the rain.

My group shot before that was wayyyyyy back when Limit was a baby puppy (ew, and I'm 20 lbs heavier)

My darlings lol
~ Falon ~
Eden (Corgi)
Kastle (GSD)
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