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Introducing my dumpter dog

Hi all! So it seems I've accidentally become a new shepherd owner. After having several bad experiences with the breed, I NEVER thought I'd own a GSD that wasn't from a responsible breeder who does health testing. Then, my roommate and I fostered a 5 week old white shepherd pup who had been left to freeze to death in a dumpster, and I swear, it was love at first sight.

I'm a student and really not in a position in my life right now to raise a pup, but my family ended up meeting, falling in love, and adopting puppy. He ended up being diagnosed with megaesophagus, which is not a surprise as I tend to attract all the sick, messed up animals, but he does great with management and has very few issues beyond being upset that he can't have all the fun chew treats my lab mix gets! That said, I'm very aware of the reality and seriousness of ME, and am so thankful he has done so well so far.

Anyway, his name is Polar Bear, and he's just great. He's super willing to please, has confidence for days, and generally has all the makings for a great dog, if we ever survive this silly oversized puppy phase. We're hoping to get him into puppy classes soon, and I have all sorts of plans for doggie competitions for him in the future. He is in love with my lab mix, but really can't understand why the cats don't want to be friends!

Since I'm inexperienced with the breed, I figured a GSD forum full of shep owners would be a good resource to have. I've been reading threads and doing research for the past few months I've had Polar, but I hope you all don't mind me popping to ask a few questions now and then!

Sorry for the novel, to make up for it here's a few pics I took of the silly boy a few weeks ago (4 months old, ~40lbs).

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