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Default Please Help orange pee

Hey everyone so i'm a new GSD mama and just having a neurotic time with my Phoenix. So When I got her she had Diarrhea for 1 week and took her to the vet twice second time they found Coccidia parasite. Now that she's all treated for that and having normal poops. I noticed last night that she has a very pale orange pee. It's not every pee maybe 2 orange one yellow. This morning i'm calling the Vet again he probably hates me. But in the mean time I am wondering if anyone has any insight. I have water always available and this morning she also puked cat poop so i'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. She's eating and acting her normal self.

She's eating Science Diet I tried giving her Blue Buffalo but I think it's too rich for her because she gets sick after eating it.
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